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  About Us

Grab Real Estate has two main functions:
  • Free portal service for real estate buyers and sellers in major countries world-wide
  • Real estate service - buy, sell and rent world-wide though our real estate network franchises

Portal Service:

Grab Real Estate is a real estate network of franchised brokers and agents - we contractually list for sellers on a commission basis like most real estate agencies do. Unlike many other agencies though, we are happy for you to list on our site for free without contracting us to sell and without any fees or commission. It doesn't matter if you are a private seller or an agent, we are happy to host your advertisements for free. We do this very simply because the more listings we have online on this site, the more buyers we have browsing the site and the more chances you have of selling your listings and we have of selling our own contracted listings. It's us helping you and you helping us!

You may submit up to 100 listings without any fee whatsoever, and those listings will remain on this site until you advise us to remove them or after a period of 12 months from last update/seller activity. We also offer some additional paid advertising and marketing options for you to give your listings better exposure and a better chance of selling - these are purely optional and details can be seen at our Vendor Paid Advertising page.



Many local real estate agencies today are looking at ways of expanding their area of operation to increase revenue. Grab Real Estate provides this opportunity very easily by sharing listings and through its unique profit sharing model. Importantly, we do not share 'free listings' - free listings are advertised on this site only. Contracted listings however, are advertised on this site and world-wide on many other sites and portals and often translated into multiple languages, in multiple social media platforms and also though our franchise network.

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