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Franchise Opportunities

Grab Real Estate is actively seeking agents from major cities around the world to work under our global brand. Many real estate agencies today are looking at ways of expanding their area of operation to increase revenue. Grab Real Estate provides this opportunity very easily by sharing listings and because we use a 100% commission model. All our contracted listings world-wide are advertised on this site and world-wide on many other sites and portals and often translated into multiple languages, in multiple social media platforms and also though our franchise network. We work together as a network and we follow quality processes to ensure consistency, accuracy, efficiency and continuous improvement.

We offer Franchisee's a 100% commission model, advanced login features including agent management, multiple agents (integrated) login, leads generation and management, advanced analyses, access to past sales data and a lot more. Of course we also provide centralized marketing and advertising (online and social media) promotion and assistance and use of our world-wide brand. Conditions apply and those interested should contact us for more details. We are currently accepting franchise applications for 55 countries and we do impose limitations on the numbers and locations of franchise offices.

If owning your own Grab Real Estate franchise sounds like something you might like to explore, please contact our Franchise Manager by email

Agent Opportunities

A Grab Real Estate Broker is typically a small real estate agency or agent not aligned with another franchise or group wishing to take advantage of the advanced online tools, branding power and centralized marketing and advertising available from the Grab Real Estate network of Brokers. Many of our Franchisee's are looking for sales and listing agents. Please express your interest by email

MLS-Agent Opportunities

A Multiple List Service (MLS) Agent is an agent or broker who makes their listings available for co-brokering with other MLS-Agents. Join our team of MLS Agents and access MLS-Agent only details for MLS-tagged listings. Your contact details are entered into our MLS database and are promoted in this site. You may enter up to 200 listings without additional charge instead of the normal 100 and you may buy more blocks of 100 listings as needed. MLS-Agents have a specific login giving them access to more work and analyses tools and data pertaining to sold listings. Interested agents should email

Staff Positions

Office staff positions come up occasionally in various locations. Please lodge your interest by email

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