Europe is home to the largest country in the world - Russia

"Aside from having the largest country in the world, Europe also has the smallest! The Vatican has a land area of only 0.44 square kilometers"

"Transcontinental countries (countries that straddle two continents), include Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey as they are geographically in both Europe and Asia"


Grab Real Estate currently provides services for 16 European countries, covering residential real estate, commercial real estate, businesses, business partnerships, land and investments.

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    District, Province, Country
    AdCat Listing ID

    Currency Price (if rent) per Period


    Warehouse with Room to Expand

    San Salvador, Jujuy, Argentina
    for Sale AR-0601007-1930

    ARS 3,000,000


    Cozy Townhouse Ready to Renovate

    Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    for Sale BR-0909002-0052

    BRL 34,000,000


    Community House Blocks Ready to Build

    Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    for Sale BR-0501006-1202

    BRL 300,000


    Centrally Located Aquatic Center

    Santiago, Santiago, Chile
    for Sale CL-0101002-0402

    CLP 34,000,000


    Prime Land Suitable for Sub-Division

    Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    for Sale BR-0301002-0032

    BRL 50,000


    Block of 14 Flats in Leafy Suburb

    Bulnes, Diguillin, Chile
    for Sale and Rent CL-0101002-0001

    CLP 340,000


    5-Bed 5-Bath Ranch with Swimming Pool

    Teresina, Piaui, Brazil
    for Rent BR-0102002-0021

    BRL 600,000 per month


    3-Bed Luxury Unit near Transport

    La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Wanted AR-0101002-1232

    ARS 100,000


    50% Share of Restaurant Up for Grabs

    Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Offer BR-1201002-1277

    BRL 70,000

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    Featured Listings


    Partnership Offer


    Lower Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
    THB 23,000,000
    Business for Sale and Rent


    xxx, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    THB 3,500,000

    Listing Category Listing Type


    Location, District, Province, Country

    Currency Price (if for rent) per Period

    Land for Sale


    xxx, Luang Prabang, Laos

    USD 233,000

    Europe 2019/20

    London, Geneva, Paris and Monaco produced Europe's highest property prices in 2018/19, but other European cities are also producing very good results and are becoming increasingly popular with international buyers. Notably, Zagreb (Croatia), Lisbon (Portugal), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Feldkirch and Bludenz in Austria are all providing very good investor returns.

    Real Estate Market

    Global Property Guide reported "French house prices continue to rise modestly, despite continued social unrest and broader Eurozone slowdown. In Metropolitan France, house prices rose by a modest 3% during the year to Q1 2019 (1.8% inflation-adjusted), at par with the previous year's growth. Paris saw a significantly stronger house price increase than the wider nation. The average price of existing apartments in the capital city rose by 6.5% (5.2% inflation-adjusted) to EUR 9,680 (USD 11,000) per m2 during the year to Q1 2019".

    Business Brief

    • Kaffeeform from Germany is turning coffee grounds into coffee cups! European Business reports "Behind this lies more than just a clever product idea, namely the claim to be making a valuable contribution to environmental protection by making use of a problematic waste resource". European Business spoke with Julian Lechner, founder and CEO of Kaffeeform, about his environmental ambitions, the technological challenges he faced in the development of the product and the various target groups he wants to address. You can read more about the company and its products here
    • Just short of 3 million people 'like' and 'follow' the Business Insider UK Face Book Group. And why not? Business Insider UK's site and social media extension focus on finance, tech, strategy, and the digital industries. The company is dedicated to aggregating, reporting, and analyzing the top news stories across the web and delivering them to you at rapid-fire pace


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