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Beautiful Restaurant and Rooms for Rent

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale and Rent FR1205058-0001

EUR 1,500,000


Guesthouse with Incredible Views

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale FR1205058-0002

EUR 34,000,000


Popular Karaoke/KTV Lounge

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale and Rent FR1205058-0003

EUR 700,000


Backpackers Hostel with Bar

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale FR1205058-0004

EUR 34,000,000


Pie Shop in the Middle of Town

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale FR1205058-0005

EUR 50,000


Cafe Bar Overlooking the Bay

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale and Rent FR1205058-0006

EUR 1,340,000


Childcare and After-School Center

Versailles, Yvelines
for Rent FR1205058-0007

EUR 100,000 per month


Italian Restaurant near Transport

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale FR1205058-0008

EUR 100,000


Well Frequented Massage Shop

Versailles, Yvelines
for Sale FR1205058-0009

EUR 70,000

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