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Our Company

"The power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better"

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

"No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach"

Donald Trump

Grab Real Estate is a world-wide real estate network franchise offering managed listing and free listing services. When engaged to sell and/or rent your listing for you, we market and advertise extensively through our own websites and portals, multiple other websites and portals and multiple social media platforms. Listings are often translated into multiple languages and are also actively marketed through our franchise network. Free listings are advertised in this site only, but benefit from the site's popularity and traffic.

Our customers are people who engage us to buy and sell (and/or rent) real estate, and people who use our listing and site advertising services.

Free Listing Service

We are happy for you to list on our site for free without engaging us to sell and without any fees or commission. It doesn't matter if you are a private seller or an agent, we are happy to host your advertisements for free and we wish you every success. We do this very simply because the more listings we have online on this site, the more buyers we have browsing the site and the more chances we both have of selling our listings. It's us helping you and you helping us!

You may submit up to 100 free listings without any fee whatsoever, and those listings will remain on this site until you advise us they are sold, leased or withdrawn or after a period of 12 months from last update/seller activity. All Buyer leads are advised to you by email and in your personal dashboard and you are responsible for dealing with those inquiries as you see fit.

For both free listings and managed listings, we also offer some additional paid advertising and marketing options for you to give your listing/s better exposure and a better chance of selling - these are purely optional and details can be seen at our Services Page

Managed Listing Service

In addition to offering a free portal service for people to advertise their own listings for sale and/or rent, Grab Real Estate also provides a fully managed real estate service. We list, advertise and market your listing, solicit and process leads and work for you to achieve a successful sale. The benefit in choosing Grab Real Estate to manage your listing is our international exposure and reach in terms of both buyers and our network of agents. With a daily reach of hundreds of thousands via our websites, multiple other websites and social media platforms, we get to the right people pretty quickly.

For more detailed information on Grab Real Estate's managed listing service, please see our Managed Listings Page


Choosing Grab Real Estate as your franchise partner and brand is all about being on the winning team. We make no apology for being atypical in the real estate industry. We are innovators and leaders. Franchising is not just about putting the logo up in the shop window and wearing the company colors. To be part of a winning team, all team members need to contribute, assist and be assisted by each other, understand the rules and play by the rules. Our innovative global approach to real estate makes us stand out.

If working with Grab Real Estate sounds like something you might like to explore, please contact our Franchise Manager by email franchise@grab-realestate.com

Our Team


Ken Smith

General Manager

Influenced by his parents while growing up in Melbourne, Ken has been involved in small business from an early age. More recently, he founded Bangkok Bar Sales in 2009 which merged with and became Asian Business Brokers in 2014. He was a senior manager with Asian Business Brokers until 2019 when he moved to Grab Real Estate to take up the inaugural General Manager position.


(Appointment Pending)

Operations Manager



Cee Senpakthongchai

Sales Manager

Cee is a vibrant member of the Grab Real Estate team. She is an accomplished agent and has worked in the hospitality and real estate industries since 2008. Buyers and Sellers love working with Cee, and so do we.


Kaii Ng

Marketing Manager

A protégé of Asian Business Brokers and former small business owner, Kaii has a background and interest in businesses and commercial property. Her aim is to get our marketing to the right people in the right place at the right time and in the right format and detail.


(Appointment Pending)

Franchise Manager



Palm Insoongnoen

Business Developer

Palm lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. She has been working in the real estate and hospitality industries since 2008. In addition to her role as the Business Developer for Grab Real Estate, she is also the General Manager of Asian Business Brokers. She is particularly skilled at selling businesses, business partnerships and commercial properties.


Paul Bond

Group Lawyer

Paul is our group lawyer. He looks after our legal requirements from company formations and franchises to contracts and conveyancing and more. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand and is the principal of SB Law Asia


Da Senpakthongchai


Da performs office administration and assists with the Grab Real Estate total quality management system.


Jarun Insoongnoen

Finance and Accounting

Jarun looks after accounts receivable and payable and prepares documents for financial compliance.


Fah Jittinan

Digital Management

Fah is based in Bangkok, Thailand and looks after our website and IT requirements.


Nam Klaewklar

Graphics Design

Nam prepares all graphics for advertising and marketing.


Tak Piyanat

Social Media

Tak posts all advertisements and articles to all Grab Real Estate social accounts.


Management Philosophies

Adhering to proven successful core philosophies distinguishes Grab Real Estate from other companies.

  • Total Quality Management
  • Centralized Management, Decentralized Execution
  • Activities Based Management
  • Data Warehousing

Our Website

Our website is a powerful centralized 'back-end' database with a shiny 'front-end' user interface. It is an amazingly powerful tool for buying and selling real estate world-wide. And, because we allow and encourage free listings, it is available to everyone, everywhere.

  • Visually attractive, informative and highly ranked
  • Fully featured back-end for registered users
  • Created with the latest technology
  • Produces great results

Future Direction

We believe the future of real estate will have a very heavy digital bias. All stake-holders will rely upon centralized and timely access to data with which to make decisions about buying and selling.

Nothing will change the need for a local agent, but that agent needs to be empowered so they have access to the right data. They will benefit significantly by being part of our world-wide network to service their customers' needs accurately, efficiently and with confidence.

  • Change the business rules to service customer needs as they trend
  • Lead the real estate industry in innovation and performance
  • Facilitate network growth, stability and sustainability


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