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We love helping people sell or rent. On average, we are engaged to sell or rent a new listing every 26 hours! We have many genuine buyers registered with us looking to buy residential and commercial properties, businesses and/or land or are seeking a business partnership or business investment. Over the years, we have come to know many of these people personally and know what they are looking for, and can sometimes even match buyers with listings without even advertising. Our number of followers is growing significantly each day as we have made ourselves internationally well-known very quickly.

Assuming you are realistic with price, and you are able to provide us accurate and necessary information and data to market and sell your listing, we think there is a very good chance we can sell/rent for you. Of course, you are assisted through-out the whole process right the way through to settlement. We give you Seller Access to our website so you can see what is happening at any time of the day.

Our Rates

We do not charge any up-front fee for listing and we don't require you to list with us exclusively, but we do charge a commission upon successful transfer providing we identified and introduced you to the buyer (or tenant, as may be the case). The commission percentage/rate depends upon what category of listing you are selling or leasing. The following table is a guide. Price details for all services may be seen at our Services Page.

Category Rate
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What we do

Upon receiving your listing information, photos and supporting documents, we put together an advertisement portfolio for you and request that you review and approve it. Once approved, we set about marketing and advertising your listing to generate interest. Our standard marketing package includes advertising in multiple websites and portals (including our own of course), in multiple social media channels and sometimes in multiple languages. We actively solicit and validate sales interest with a view to providing the necessary information and assistance to help a buyer in making their decision to buy. And, when a buyer does wish to buy your listing, we facilitate the transfer. You will have access to view our progress at any time through your user account in this website. This service, from initial listing through to settlement has no additional fees - just our standard commission rate as shown above.

Additional and Boosted Advertising

Sometimes, people want additional advertising and/or featured advertising to boost their listing exposure and therefore increase their chances of selling or selling quicker. We offer these additional advertising services for all listings whether they be managed listings or free listings. These are optional paid services. They are in addition to the standard advertising and marketing we provide with managed listings and, as stated, purely optional. Details and prices of these additional paid services may also be seen at our Services Page

Read More and Get Started

Need more information about our Managed Listing Service? Here are some common questions people have that may help you. If you would like to contact us to discuss your particular requirements, please do so using our contact form at Contact Us.

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  Do I need to let you know if I find my own Buyer?

Yes please - so we can stop advertising.

  Am I allowed to list with other agents too?

Yes - we only accept NON-EXCLUSIVE listings meaning that you and/or other agent/s may also advertise to potentially find a Buyer.

  How long will it take to sell?

This question is asked frequently, but really can't be answered properly with any degree of accuracy or honesty without assessing your particular listing first. There are many factors to consider and we are happy to discuss these with you personally either before or after you list with us.

  What is the value of my Listing?

We don't actually provide a valuation service. We do have a reasonably good idea about value of real estate of course and are happy to discuss this with you personally, however, when you list with us, you are responsible for setting the asking price and any changes to that price (if and as needed).

  Why are the commission rates higher for commercial and businesses?

There are many reasons and the rates Grab Real Estate charges are in line with industry standards world-wide. The main reasons are:

  • The time, effort and money involved in finding a Buyer for commercial properties and businesses are significantly higher than finding a Buyer for a condo or house,

  • Most advertising sites for commercial real estate and businesses are paid sites meaning that we, as agents working purely for commission have to pay these fees without any guarantee of being successful (and therefore being reimbursed/paid),

  • There is a lot more due diligence to deal with so sales typically take a lot longer and require a lot more work, and

  • The number of people looking to buy commercial properties and businesses is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the number of people looking to buy (and buying) residential real estate, so sales are less frequent.


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