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Got a house or business to sell? An office space or apartment building to lease? Land for sale? Need a partner in your new restaurant venture? How about an investor or silent partner so you can expand your business? Grab Real Estate caters for all of these and more, and we allow you to list your real estate advertisements in the Grab Real Estate Portal totally free of charge. No fees and no commission.

Just create an account (register), login and list for free. You can return at any time to update your listings or to mark them as sold, leased or withdrawn. We will inform you of all leads received so that you can communicate directly with potential buyers, and hopefully, secure a sale.

It doesn't matter if you are a private seller or an agent, we are happy to host your advertisements for free and we wish you every success.

Free Advertising in other Websites and Portals

Here are a few other places you can advertise real estate online for free:

Site Listing Location
Craigslist Most countries
Global Listings about 100 countries
Realty WWW about 20 countries
World Properties Most countries

Free Advertising on Social Media

Here are some other places you can advertise real estate in social media for free:

Face Book Listing Location
Grab Real Estate All countries
LOTSA Good Deals All countries - any good deal for sale (not just real estate)
Real Estate & Property for Sale, Lease and Rent All countries
International Real Estate Investment Group All countries
Businesses for Sale & Rent in Asia Businesses, Partnerships & Commercial in Asia (all Asian countries)


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